Amazing Recovery from Cerebral Palsy in a 5-Year-Old Boy

Cerebral PalsyCerebral palsy is a group of movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Symptoms may be different for each person and often include:

  • Stiff muscles
  • Tremors
  • Muscle weakness
  • Problems with sense, vision, hearing, speaking, and swallowing
  • Seizures
  • Delayed reasoning ability

Babies with cerebral palsy are often delayed in progressing as other children in rolling over, crawling, sitting, and walking. Symptoms often get worse over the first few years of life, but they do not continue to worsen over time.

Cerebral palsy is caused by the abnormal development of the parts of the brain that are responsible for movement, posture, and balance. This can be due to problems endured during pregnancy, a hard delivery, or head trauma in the first few years of life.

An Encouraging Example

One 5-year-old boy was able to find relief from his cerebral palsy through upper cervical chiropractic care. In addition to cerebral palsy, he suffered from blindness, chronic ear infections, and severe seizures. It was discovered by an upper cervical chiropractor, Dr. W. Amalu, that he had a misalignment in his upper cervical spine. Dr. Amalu began to work with him to help in moving his spine back into proper alignment.

By the next day, much improvement was noted. His mother reported that he slept much better than he had in a long time. After his second adjustment, his seizures had gone from 30 a day to only 10 a day. He progressed to the point of being able to sit up and look around, clap his hands, be aware of his surroundings, look in the direction of sounds, make less involuntary moaning, and his seizures were down to only 5 a day.

After just 4 weeks of care, he was able to say “Dada” for the very first time, his vision improved, and his seizures continued to occur less and less frequently.

Over time, he was taken off of most of his medications and was classified as non-epileptic. This was due to the adjustments to his spine and allowing the brain and body to communicate properly.

Cerebral Palsy and Upper Cervical Care

Using a gentle method, we help our patients with cerebral palsy to begin to feel better, often only after one visit.

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