Do You or Your Teenager Suffer from “ Text-Neck ”?

Text-neck is being called an epidemic, according to an article in the Washington Post. What is text-neck? It is head, neck, and back pain caused by the use, or more likely the over-use, of mobile devices. Pressure is exerted on the spine whenever we bend our heads forward even a small amount. When you consider the fact that the head weighs about 12 pounds, you can see how this can cause damage. At a 15-degree angle, 27 pounds of pressure is exerted on the spine. This goes up to a whopping 60 pounds of pressure when the head is tilted at a 60-degree angle. That is equivalent to carrying around an eight-year-old on your neck!

We must be conscious of trying not to crane our necks to look at our phones. Instead, try to bring it up to eye level. We also must educate our children on doing so to protect the health of their necks. It is not only the neck that is affected by improper posture, but lung function has been seen to be reduced by about 30%. Headaches, depression, and heart disease have also been linked with posture problems.

Misalignment of the spine can easily happen when we are looking down at our phones for extended periods of time. These misalignments are responsible for pain and hindering the function of our nervous system. Is there anything we can do to counteract this? One way is to take care of your spine.

Dr. Jeff Leach of Plymouth, Minnesota is an upper cervical chiropractor who specializes in the care of the top two vertebrae. Sure, it’s easy to pop a pill that helps relieve neck pain, but isn’t it better to address the underlying cause and get rid of it altogether?

Dr. Leach will examine your neck for a misalignment. If he finds one, he will give you a very specific, gentle readjustment to bring your neck, spinal column, and nervous system back to normal function. You will begin to feel relief almost immediately. If you combine proper care of the spine with awareness of neck position when you are looking at your phone, you can avoid further complications from text-neck.

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Dr. Jeff Leach of Living Well Chiropractic, in Plymouth, Minnesota is a Plymouth Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist trained by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). His upper cervical clinic also serves Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Wayzata, and St. Louis Park. He is uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems, including migraines and other headaches, sciatica, neck and back pain, and torticollis. More information can be found on our website at