How Neck Injuries Can Affect Children

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studies have been conducted by Dr. Erin Elster, an upper cervical chiropractor, and avid researcher, focusing on children that have suffered a traumatic neck injury and how they were helped to recover.

Dangers on the Playground

An 8-year-old boy who was playing with friends on the playground fell and hit the pavement very hard. He complained of tingling in his arms and legs. He was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. This caused him to lose control of his bowels, which continued for six months. His mother brought him to see Dr. Elster. Through digital infrared imaging and radiographic diagnostics, it was determined that he did have an upper neck injury. The severe blow to the head more-than-likely caused his skull to be displaced slightly causing an injury to the spinal cord and affecting bowel function. After his initial adjustment, proper bowel function was restored.

Dangers from Neck Injury at Home

A 6-year-old boy was lying on the floor when a TV fell off a cabinet and landed on his face. He had multiple fractures around his eye and needed numerous surgeries to reconstruct his eye socket and sinuses. After he had begun to heal, his mother noticed a marked difference in his personality and behavior. He complained of double vision and headaches. Doctors and neurologists said these were permanent repercussions from the head injury. She brought her son to see Dr. Elster on the recommendation of a friend. His upper neck had sustained injury from the head trauma. Within only a few weeks of care, double vision, headaches, and personality changes were all back to normal.

Children and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

If a child has been injured, a great place to seek care is from an upper cervical chiropractor. We understand that the bones of the upper neck need to be in alignment, even in children, in order for the body to function properly. We are happy to examine children for misalignments, and our adjustments do not require popping or twisting of the spine. Children often respond well to having their upper necks realigned.

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