How to Overcome Lingering Post-concussion Syndrome

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The upper the Journal of upper cervical chiropractic research reported in an article on March 12, 2012 that and upper neck misalignment can have a drastic impact on the brain.

After seeing various medical doctors, cardiologist, and neurologist a 75-year-old woman sought the care of a neurologist who was familiar with upper cervical chiropractic. He told her that she had a misalignment in her upper neck, which was the cause of her chronic post-concussion syndrome, and said she might benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care as that misalignment.

She had a 10 year history of PCS, but they had worsened over time. She also said her PCS was the result of falling and hitting the back of her head. That initial injury left her unable to talk for a short time, and she was rushed to the hospital where she received a CAT scan, MRI, and various neurological examinations over the next three months

Though, symptoms of her concussion persisted, and those included:

  1. Exhaustion
  2. seizures (Brought on by bending forward, and each episode caused a hot sensation in her upper chest)
  3. Migraines

Upper Cervical Solutions

After Postural and x-ray evaluations by her upper cervical chiropractor, it was determined that her atlas was misaligned. Her first adjustment resulted in her ability to walk and she showed increased improvement in the range of motion of her neck. She also reported increased, her balance continued to improve, and there was an improvement in her vision (clarity, brightness, and perception of color in her lazy eye). Her visual problems diminished until they finally disappeared. She also noted that she had not had a seizure with an accompanying migraine since she began upper cervical care.

In a report, doctors of this study reported that a change in blood flow to the brain was likely the cause of the patient’s symptoms. It only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter in the upper cervical spine to cause a miscommunication between the brain and the body due to pressure on the brainstem. That miscommunication can lead to various health problems in patients who suffer from post concussion syndrome. Though the body’s communication system can be restored by seeking out the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. They will examine your upper neck vertebrae for any misalignments in those top two vertebrae, which may be the cause of your post-concussion syndrome.

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