Dr. Leach is extremely knowledgeable about NUCCA, chiropractic care, & wellness. He is trustworthy & has an exceptional bedside manner. I’ve had chronic headaches & sleep issues for over a decade. After trying numerous traditional & alternative therapies NUCCA has had the greatest positive impact. I am pain free & sleep better for days to weeks post adjustment & look forward to longer periods of relief with NUCCA maintenance as time goes by. I am grateful for Dr. Leach & highly recommend him!

Mike C., Business Owner
Eden Prairie, MN


When I came in to see Dr. Leach, I had been having trouble with my knees. It hurt to walk on the stairs, and I wasn’t able to go running. After my adjustment with Dr. Leach, my knee pain went away, and I was able to run again. I just ran my first 5K over Thanksgiving since before my knee pain had begun- something I would not have been able to do without my treatment with Dr. Leach.

Lora-Minneapolis, MN


After an auto accident in 2002 resulting in whiplash and spinal injuries; I experienced a subsequent accident landing on my tailbone. This injury resulted in extreme pressure in my spine with complicated issues such as hypertension, bladder incontinence, short-term memory loss, anxiety, difficult word retrieval and inability to multi-task. I resigned from my job and began getting NUCCA adjustments at Living Well Chiropractic, P.C.  My whiplash issues were corrected by aligning my head and atlas and I began to slowly recover from all my injury issues. It took several months but now I am off all my hypertension, anxiety, and anti-depressant medications. I am  free from pain and working full-time.

R.R. Plymouth, MN


With the history of back problems that I have had my entire adult life, I have tried just about every treatment under the sun.   Before being a patient at Living Well Chiropractic, I had been to at least 12 different chiropractors and tried several other treatments, to name a few: acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy, pain management (nonsense), medical doctors (even more nonsense), muscle relaxers (prescribed by aforementioned medical doctors-completely ridiculous), physical therapy, all types of injections, traction therapy, natural medicine, bio-feedback, electrical shock therapy, and many more legitimate treatments and even some non-traditional “woo woo” treatments.   Besides these treatments, my basement resembles a spine rehabilitation clinic with an inversion table, neck traction devices, and other posture correction devices.   I was trying anything and everything to get better.   My back and life got so bad that I decided to try spinal surgery to repair several herniated discs in hopes of increasing my quality of life.   I did much research and found a micro surgeon who used a laser to repair herniated discs.   So…off to Florida I went for two (2) three week stints.   In total I had seven different levels of my spine operated on.   At first I thought that this procedure seemed to work for me but after a few months went by and the pain medication was gone, I started to spiral downward again.   The pain was so bad that I could barely work and sleeping was just about out of the question.   Every night before bed I would pray that I would not wake-up.   I figured if I was dead at least the pain would be gone.   However, the not being able to sleep had a silver lining.   One night when I was unable to sleep I was researching yet more back pain treatments when I stumbled on to a NUCCA website.   I was ecstatic to see that there was a NUCCA doctor close by.   The simplicity of the treatment and the results people were having piqued my interest.   I quickly called Dr. Jeff the next day and after a 2 hour phone conversation I was set to be a patient.   The only problem was that I had to wait 3 weeks between seeing my current chiropractor and beginning a treatment with Dr. Jeff.   I was seeing my current chiropractor 4 times a week at that point and a 3 week wait was way out of the question.   I suffered through and made it a little over 2 weeks before begging Dr. Jeff to see me.   During my first visit I could tell that this treatment was the real deal.   Confidence exuded by Dr. Jeff and the precision of the diagnostic equipment inspired me.   After almost 7 hours in the office, I received my first adjustment.   I can honestly say that through all of my treatments not one thing has changed my life as much as that first adjustment.   In an instant I could feel my body beginning to heal itself rather than degenerate.   That evening was kind of interesting as well.   Dr. Jeff had told me that the muscles in my back were extremely tight and after the adjustment that they would immediately begin to relax and that I may hear some slight cracking and popping noises in my back.   I think that was a slight understatement because over the next 6 weeks it sounded like I had an “on-board” chiropractor.   Every time I moved it sounded like someone stepped on a bag of cornflakes coming from my back as my spine realigned itself (amazing).

To this day I still have some realigning going on.   Each and everyday I feel myself getting healthier and getting my life back.   Because of my job and my 18 year history of back pain, I find myself in Dr. Jeff’s office more often than most of his patients, which I do not regret.   Dr. Jeff is a plethora of health information.   No matter what kind of questions I have, he is very knowledgeable and offers his expertise to help out in any way he can.   In fact, I find it kind of amusing to try to stump him once in a while.   My only regret is that I did not stumble across this type of treatment much sooner than I did.   I wasted an insurmountable amount of time and money on what I thought were legitimate treatment programs but accomplished little or nothing.   I realize now that if you are not improving rather quickly you need to change your treatment plan.

Becoming a patient of Dr. Jeff’s is the single most important health decision I have made.   My improvements in that last 10 months have been nothing short of a miracle. If you are hanging in the balance and wondering if this treatment is right for you, don’t wait, just try it and you will not regret it.   Don’t blame chiropractic care if it hasn’t worked for you in the past, it may just be your chiropractor’s form of treatment that doesn’t work for you.  Not all chiropractors are created equal.

If you would like to talk with me, my name and phone number are on file in Dr. Jeff’s office.

TS – Clear Lake, MN


I became a patient at Living Well Chiropractic on July 1, 2008.   At first I was not expecting much relief because of living with pain and migraines for many years.   I was in an accident when I was 16 years old.   After the accident I started having severe headaches/migraines.   For over three years I went to a chiropractor 2-3 times a week.   I was referred to a neurologist who tested the nerves in my neck and a few weeks later had surgery to burn some of the nerves they thought were the cause of my migraines.   The treatment helped for a few years.   I continued to go to the chiropractor two times a week while the migraines were gone.   I have been going to a chiropractor for the past 13 years and never found complete relief.

Until now!   After my first NUCCA adjustment I initially didn’t feel any difference.   However, as the weeks went on I found myself having less back pain and I was able to sit in different positions that were unbearable for years.   I have found myself having more energy because I am not in constant pain.   For the first month after my adjustment it really bothered me that I wasn’t getting adjusted every week.   I have now been a patient for 4 months.   I can honestly say I feel awesome.   I am so grateful for finding NUCCA.   I believe it will continue to change my health and my life.

Becky H.
St. Cloud, MN


Dr. Jeff,

I ran Grandma’s Half Marathon on Saturday, and my back held up just fine!!! =) My toe nails and knees are another story!–but…I finished!! 13.1 miles! Pretty good for not even being able to turn my head 2 months ago!!! I didnít have the greatest finishing time ~ but I finished and that was my goal-so I’m happy!

Thanks for all of your help with my aches and pains! I love running again!!! Thank you!
Shelly L.
White Bear Lake, MN


I had low back pain that went into the front of my legs if I stood for too long. The NUCCA adjustment has helped me. My back has improved so much that I went to the State Fair last week. I have not been to the State Fair in 15 years because of my back pain. I walked from 9:30-5:00 p.m. NO Pain!

Angie O.
Mankato, MN


I began seeing Dr. Leach in August 2005. I am an avid runner who competed collegiately. Over the years I have suffered from Plantar Fascitis in both feet, lingering pain in my achilles, and aching knees. The pain was most noticeable in the morning. After 3-4 months of treatments, I can now get up in the morning pain free. Thanks to Dr. Leach and the NUCCA practice I am running again with no pain.

Cinda L.
Farmington, MN


NUCCA has made a huge difference. I was experiencing sciatic pain for the last few months when I stood any length of time and that was interfering with my job. At the end of the day my legs and feet felt tingly and prickly and somewhat on the numb side. My sleeping pattern went to pot, too! I found many uncomfortable positions and kept waking up. Not good.

After seeing Dr. Leach and receiving my first adjustment the sciatic pain went away, and I mean completely. I sleep without pain and can stand and do my work and my legs feel fine.  I feel like I’ve been blessed to have come across this treatment that has taken the pain away and given me back what I think is normal.

Diane S.
Rosemount, MN


I injured my back in a boating accident on fishing opener of 2004. I was knocked into the bottom of my boat by another boat and a few weeks later I had severe sciatic nerve pain and could not walk without difficulty. I wasn’t able to work for about two months.   My medical doctor told me about NUCCA and after my first treatment, I was able to walk straight and no longer needed my pain medication.

Don P.
Hastings, MN


I would like to share with you my appreciation for Dr. Leach. I came to him after years of living in discomfort, thinking nothing would help. I had seen others to try and help, but nothing worked until I had my first adjustment. It was nothing like I have ever experienced. No pain! First few days after was different, but I could feel my body standing taller and straighter as the days went by. Now after 6 weeks my pain between my shoulder blades has disappeared, I don’t slouch in my chair and I feel more rested at night. All I can say is thank you for helping me live pain free!

Jimmy W.
Becker, MN


Weakness. Laying on a dark gray couch staring at crimson red curtains. Body made of lead. Racing mind and heart. Everything noisy, bright, smelly, and irritating.   Light-headed and dizzy. Woozy. Expressive belly speaking words of hunger. Heavy eating utensils. Constant neck and back pain. Muscle spasms. Headaches. Long car rides. Doctors. Never-ending questions. Lethargic. Chest pain, burning, and tightness. ER visits. Panic attacks. Insomnia. Dragging brain. Confusion. Misunderstandings. Loss of concentration. Memory not so good. Emotional breakdowns. Medical bills. Essay length financial and medical assistance applications. Words bouncing off pages. Sadness. Grieving losses. Frustration.   Questioning life. Deep hole of darkness. Losing strength to hold on. Feeling alone, yet knowing that I truly am never alone. Prayer. Seeking God’s perspective.   Scripture coming through a restless mind. I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Joshua 1:5  I know the plans I have for you , declares the LORD, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11  Continuous words of love, truth, and strength from my heavenly Papa. Words that keep my heart encouraged. Being held, reassured, and lifted up.   Renewing of strength.

This is a glimpse of my most recent and worst crash on a journey with chronic fatigue syndrome, major depression, chronic anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, viruses, glandular problems, and the list goes on. I have seen nearly a dozen doctors within 7 years. At age 28 I have experienced many ups, downs and all-arounds. I have been blessed with family, friends and prayer of those I don’t even know. Over the past few months many blessings have come of an excellent team of healthcare professionals.

A significant part of my healing process has been NUCCA chiropractic. I have experienced more results with this type of chiropractic than any other I have tried over the course of several years. NUCCA has not only helped with my neck and back pain, but with all areas of health. You may ask,How can this be?  I will try my best to explain with my somewhat limited understanding. The adjustment of the atlas, 1st vertebrae which the skull rests upon, brings about healthy alignment which releases pressure on the brainstem and nerves throughout the body. This allows the brain and body to better communicate. Neurotransmitters in the brain begin to better do their job. This is also true of all organs in the body. Therefore, my physical, mental and emotional health are in a healing and restoration process. This naturally also helps spiritual and relational health. With all that I have experienced I believe that all areas of health work together.

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational healing. What a remarkable gift! I am now able to sit, stand, walk, bike short distances, hold conversations, read, write, make phone calls, e-mail, sing, cook, shop, take care of household things, stretch, use an exercise ball, lift some weights, attend church, be in a bible study group, drive, express myself, help others, volunteer, and simply enjoy. These are all things that I dreamed of doing while I was completely laid-up. The things I once took for granted I now rejoice in being able to do! I continue on this healing journey with the LORD, family, friends, and healthcare professionals. I now look forward to new adventures! I would not trade anything for all that I am learning and am able to share with others.

Renewing of strength. Growing in trust. Rejoicing in love, peace, and hope! Praying for those who read this.

Kristi L.
Zimmerman, MN


When I first went to see Dr. Jeff we sat down and he asked me where my problems were. Then he took X-rays so he would know where to treat me. First my spine was out of alignment, he worked on that, after 3 or 4 times my spine stayed in alignment. I felt a lot better. My left leg had no more tingling, my lower back was better. What I liked was the way he does things is he don’t lay you on a table and twist you or snap your neck like others do. I have been to many chiropractors and have had therapy and had injections-none of which helped. After seeing Dr. Jeff I feel a lot better and would recommend him to anyone. Not only that, but just going and talking to him and his wife and little Ellie, their daughter, made me feel like we were family.

Thank you Dr. Jeff.

Ronald M.
Monticello, MN


There was not one part of my body that didn’t hurt when I went to see Dr. Jeff.   Even though I heard so much about Dr. Jeff, I was skeptical. When my son Jimmy introduced me to him, all fears vanished. I knew by his eyes and mannerisms that he was a God-given healer. I have been truly blessed. When you enter Living Well the serenity is incredible.

Fibromyalgia has played a role in my life for over 20 years. It is under control thanks to NUCCA. After many x-rays and adjustments on my first visit, my balance is back, my headaches come once in a while. My brain function has improved and those head tremors have subsided. I don’t feel like something hit me in the middle of my back. My hips are finally level so I don’t limp. My feet allow me to walk with ease instead of tripping. The left side of my head-no more tingles. I rarely have nausea.   I have ENERGY. My sleeping patterns have improved.

After my first adjustment several weeks had passed and I felt horrible. I again went to see Dr. Jeff. I was losing the corrected adjustment, 45 minutes later- I had an adjustment. I literally fell asleep again and left with a much bigger improvement.   ENERGY-ENERGY. Another 3 weeks had passed, again I felt like I needed that NUCCA fix. But, I did not lose that adjustment. What a relief. NUCCA and Dr. Jeff the incredible healer has promised me to improve my health and energy for the rest of my life. I also thank my son Jimmy, from the bottom of my heart.

Internal bodily functions have improved. I don’t feel as if my weight exceeds 500 lbs. My colon functions are coming back to normal. My bladder does not need a water pill to empty that bladder.

I am happy, thanks to GOD, Dr. Jeff & NUCCA.

RuthAnn K.
Albertville, MN


I have been blessed as a patient of both Dr. Jeffery Leach. At the end of November 2006 I began seeing Dr. Leach after a car accident with a deer.   NUCCA chiropractic has helped me stay in alignment for two and half months.

Before starting NUCCA I was not able to hold an adjustment for that long. I have had tremendous improvement regarding both neck and shoulder pain. In addition, keeping my spine straight has made a world of difference with my optimal health.   Dr. Leach also has a way of putting a smile on my face every time I see him. His genuine personality and concern have been very healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I continue to see improvement through my care with Dr. Leach.

Viki B.
Zimmerman, MN


I am writing to express my gratitude for all you have done to help correct a condition I have lived with for more than 20 years! -turned 42 in August 2007

I have always been the athletic type, playing virtually every sport including semi-professional tennis, on the satellite tour, in Europe in my late teens. Since that time I have lived with a condition that eventually led to so much pain that I could not swing a tennis racquet or golf club, much less get up every morning without excruciating pain.

I have seen many physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and medical doctors, endured all kinds of treatments from patella tendon taping, to magnet insoles for my shoes, to Q-Ray bracelets, imbalance training, and the list goes on.   My condition got so severe that it made me violently react to foods containing wheat and dairy. I have suffered through other conditions including high levels of anxiety, excessive sweating, halitosis and other things I could not explain. It was determined at one point in 2006 that my pelvis was so imbalanced that the fix was to build up the shoes I wore on my right foot by almost three-fourths of an inch which I did along with removing wheat and dairy from my diet after eating and drinking foods like that in great quantities all my life.

Having exhausted so many options, I felt relegated to accept these bizarre alterations to my lifestyle and just deal with my conditions. In January of 2007 I visited the NUCCA  Website before and contemplated going to Dr. Kerry Johnson in Rosemount in the fall of 2006, but decided instead to see yet another chiropractor in the Twin Cities. After feeling that the band-aid fixes -built up right shoes and no wheat or dairy- were not addressing the core situation, I made the call to Dr. Leach and the rest is almost a fairytale.

In mid January of 2007, I went to see Dr. Leach in Monticello. The first visit consisted of X-rays and discussions and to say I was impressed with his professional bedside manner and likeable personality is an understatement. Dr. Leach listens intently, gives undivided attention and closely examines you.

Dr. Leach told me to come back in a couple of days for a review of the X-rays and a proposed treatment plan. During my second appointment I was told I had one of the most severe imbalance cases he had ever seen, being almost 5 degrees off center, and that I definitely needed to be adjusted. Throughout the morning I was adjusted and X-rayed several times. At the end of the appointment Dr. Leach told me not to wear the built up shoe anymore, much less the shoes I arrived in. I was more than happy to oblige and felt significantly better leaving his office in the dead of winter… stocking feet nonetheless. No more leg length discrepancy…simply AMAZING!!!

I immediately went to a shoe store, bought new shoes and have been wearing them ever since. The three-fourths of an inch leg length discrepancy has dissipated and remained at a marginal amount, my overall progress has been steady, and the issues I referenced above including reactions to wheat and dairy among others have more or less disappeared. My life has changed dramatically and I owe it all to Dr. Jeff Leach. In my book, he is not only a nice faith based family man with a great perspective on life, but a doctor with a devotion and caring for his clients I have rarely found. He has helped to correct a situation that limited my ability to enjoy a quality life that I have longed for for years……God Bless you Dr. Leach in all your endeavors. I am forever indebted and eternally grateful for all you have done for me.

Mike K.
Maple Grove, MN